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Well sports fans, it has been a bit…

Dec 27, 2018 @ 17:17

Since we last ventured out into the internets, much has changed. Steph has gone to long in the tooth pastures. I’m sure there is a juicy story there, akin to the departure(s) from other places. But alas, not what prompted me to return…

I have been very busy, as I decided a while ago, to go back to school and become a PA. I won’t say where I went or current situation, lets just say it is in trauma,and it is not @ DH. By the way, good on the new CEO for recognizing EEM. Spectacular human and surgeon.


So, as mentioned I been busy, so much so that I had not checked in-box for sometime. When I did this past week, I was a tad bit disappointed. It seems there have been some recent shenanigans @ The Division. The kind that, if true remind me of the events surrounding “Black Thursday,” as I believe it was called. No, not the back alley rides, narcan remediation, or threats to allow homeless guys to stab ones partner. No, this goes more towards the supervison side of things.

More to come kiddies



Good question? But I think that was the point….

Jun 18, 2017 @ 14:32

Not Dr. Colwell’s question, but Dr Kunrath.



The answer is self evident.




HT: to the person who sent me the image…You are a trooper!





Hmm. does this mean she won’t be answering those phones either?

Mar 15, 2017 @ 11:59

Coems Email

Jul 9, 2016 @ 23:33

Seems someone saw the original post about a Chief Paramedic Position at Northglenn Ambulance and sent me the following:


Rumor has it that NGA has posted a position for a new Chief. I have given it some though and I think I know what the posting might look like if it were honestly written:
Northglenn Ambulance is currently seeking a qualified candidate for the position of EMS Chief. The desired candidate should possess all of the following qualities.
This is a very dynamic position that requires a flexible and creative Paramedic. Though there is no experience qualifier the perfect candidate must have at least 60 days in the position of Paramedic and no previous management experience is required (To be completely honest we would prefer a candidate with NO management experience as we have found  intelligent business minded people threaten the very corrupt and disorganized structure of the operation). The perfect candidate should be proficient at catering to the every need of upper management (Rick Linsey and his flunky Minions) and fearful of ever questioning anything that happens above their personal rank. The candidate must be a conformist that realizes their position in the pecking order and despite the gross impenitence in the management team above them must remain silent and submissive.
At no time is the new appointee allowed to question why the Chiefs vehicle has become one managers personal take home car. The candidate must also never ask why another manager would jeopardize the lives of multiple citizens while responding emergent to a non injury accident in another jurisdiction while in civilian clothes and off duty. This candidate must also never question why their hours may exceed 100 a week while another manager comes and goes as they please and makes significantly more money than the new appointee (Kathy Teter).
The final qualifier is that the candidate have NO understanding of the billing process and must never ask a single question about Medicare billing or compliance. The new Chief must also be willing to intimidate/coerce employees into altering documentation to best meet the direct billing needs of the operation.
This person will report directly to Team Mediocrity and the corresponding and co conspiring Board of Directors.
Please address all resumes to the very least competent person in the system, Jamie, for review and consideration (be sure to use little words, we do not want to confuse anyone).


Jun 30, 2016 @ 14:58

It seems that Northglenn is seeking a chief paramedic. I read the job description, and didn’t see the part about you have to be willing to bend over backwards to please Rick and his little circle of minions, even if not in the best interest of employees and/or patients.




Out of the Country

Jun 29, 2016 @ 22:03

I have been out of the country since I last dropped a line here. Will be for a few more weeks as I travel to points east. When out and about internet is limited, but upon my return I have some small things to divulge and then some.




Substitute Level II for level III in the story

Jun 19, 2016 @ 5:48

And you have Colorado. Of course that would also require Colorado to be a Certificate of Need state, which it is not and then the state could impact the propagation of level II’s.




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